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Mother! -fire-
there was only chaos. there was only the crackle of flames, the structures crumbling, and the screams of the people burning.
and in the center of all the destruction...was Mother. soon, she too was lost to the fire.
and then, there was only darkness.
inside that silent darkness, a pair of hands, His hands, stained with ashes, cradled an object in the gentle, caring grasp of His fingers. the object was small, made up all over with rough edges, but was nonetheless beautiful, and most precious.
a promise of a smile began on his lips, but did not blossom. instead, His eyes fell downcast as He placed the object upon its post. and then, there was light.
light bloomed from the object and spread across the whole surface of the house. the frames and walls were restored, the ashes cleared, and His home was whole again.
in His bed, a body formed beneath the sheets. an arm arose from the folds and found Him to be gone from Her side.
a woman, young and beautiful, her long hair tied in
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my favorite deviations.
add more every session.

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Alone In The Dark - lines
here's the line art for a drawing of young Freddy Krueger
in my genesis of Freddy, his father would abuse him and lock him inside the closet. there he was left alone in the dark, with only himself and his own mind, thats when he met "the cheshire cat" (his inner Devil)
just wait until i have all the shadows put in ;)
Love Lifts The Soul
The final colored version of my Valentine's day artwork 🤑
An illustration of the myth of Eros/Cupid and his bride Psyche, specifically the moment when he flies her to Olympus to raise her from her eternal sleep. The very blatant metaphor is:Love raises the Soul from the lowest depths of despair (the word "psyche" means soul, as well as mind cause the Greeks thought the two were one and the same)


Ashton Simpson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
As it says on the top of my profile page, my name is Ashton Simpson (yes, like the cartoon).

I prefer to be myself; "keep it real" as the old-timers say X)
Frankly, i kinda just don't really fit in. I kinda just prefer to be by myself and do my own thing.
As you can see, I'm a HARDCORE Nightmare on Elm Street fan, so much I'm even creating my own remake of it ;P Sounds lame, I know, not just a remake but a story that's already been remade, but it really is good, not just some carbon-copy rip-off like typical remakes XP
I'm also a a big fan of films in general, especially horror X) I'm a total movie geek :B

i love these books: Blue Is For Nightmares series, TOUCH novel series, Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Blood & Chocolate, American Psycho, Wintergirls, Speak, Go Ask Alice, and Th1rte3n Reasons Why. But nowadays i can't really find anything original or worth reading.

oh, and i'm also bisexual, though i much prefer guys
guys are just easier to get along with, ya know?

Current Residence: Huntsville, AR
deviantWEAR sizing preference: SHIRTS: medium/PANTS: 29/SHOES: 9
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal, and everything in between, or anything that's any good XP
MP3 player of choice: any one that plays the music i like
Skin of choice: tan (browned not bronzed xP) or pale-white
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Early Cuyler, Roger the alien, Helga Phugly
Personal Quote: "FUCK you and your shrimp-boat!"
Hey watchers.
I know it's been a long long long time since I've posted anything, especially literary wise, and I don't know about y'all but that makes me sad. So I wanted to share some of what I've got so far on the next chapter for Nightmare pt 2.

Now she was in study hall, sitting in the library in the furthest table back, trying to distance herself from other teens and their sneering looks (like they've never seen a girl wearing black before, she thought), the earbuds from her MP3 plugged into her ears, the wires concealed under her shirt and her hair. She kept herself occupied by working on a new drawing, her head kept propped upright by her chin in her palm. She could and probably should have been working on her homework instead, but her artwork felt more important, and more capable of keeping her attention; schoolwork probably would have just put her to sleep.

This one was of the hallway from her dream, a seemingly endless corridor fading into shadow, severed limbs hanging from the ceiling the whole way down. Her eyes kept drooping as she worked. Her head just about fell off of her hand like a lead weight. She straightened her back, shaking her head, then brushed her bangs out of her eyes with her fingernails, but when she touched her pencil back to her paper, she paused; first she found that her pencil was suddenly missing, gone from sight, then she saw that there was something on her drawing not there before. A person, or more the shape of a person, standing at the end of the corridor, their body a solid black silhouette, their arms outstretched and their clawed hands against the walls.

When her eyes turned up, what she saw made her choke on a gasp. All of the other students that were sitting or standing about just a second ago were now hanging from the ceiling by lengths of rope tied around their necks. Each of them had their eyes and mouths covered by black tape wrapped around their heads. She tried to get up out of her chair, but the table felt so tightly pressed against her that her legs were pinned into place.



Her attention turned to the sound of successive taps, like fingers drumming.



It was coming from the aisle directly at her left. She turned her head and saw a person standing down the hall. Whoever it was they were so far away that all she could see was their outline. The moment she saw it, she could recognize it from the figure that was on her drawing. She had the impulse to look back down to her drawing; sure enough, the black figure was gone from it. She looked back to see the man walking down the aisle, coming closer towards her. She could see what she thought were horns on his head, but as he neared further, she could see that it was the cap and brim of a hat. His hands were stretched out from his sides and running down the rows of shelves as he walked. She could see the fingers on his right hand bore long curved claws, edged like knives, that sliced cuts across the surfaces they ran across. Though he was still too far away for her to make out any other details, she could see the rows of teeth in his grinning mouth.

She fought all the harder to pry herself free as he drew nearer, and as she did, all of their heads spontaneously caught fire, their hair singed clean of and their flesh, and the tape covering them, bubbling and melting almost like wax off their skulls, leaving charred and cracked bone and grinning rows of teeth and white eyeballs, solid like glass, embedded in the black sockets. She screamed and threw her hands up to shield herself from the light and heat of the flames she could feel scorching her face. She then felt the man’s claws on her shoulders.

“See what fun?” he whispered, his mouth on her ear, “Hahahahahahahaaa...!”
Indeed, what fun 😁 haha haha XD
So much of the story has been spent on character development, it was due for another nightmare scene, if only to remind us that yes Freddy is still about.
What I really enjoy about this chapter is the couple of little homages I was able to fit in there. There is a couple obvious ones, but there's one that's more subliminal; the hardcore Nancy fans hopefully should be able to find it, lol 😉
Plus I really needed to put another dream scene before the next one comes up because the next nightmare scene is going to be a serious turning point for this story.
Just you wait 😉 until then, enjoy this little treat lol


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